Be a REAL Blogger instead of Idle Blogger

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Be a REAL Blogger instead of Idle Blogger Empty Be a REAL Blogger instead of Idle Blogger

Post by pangjasmine on Sun Dec 09, 2007 1:41 am

The keyword to the success of your blog is to "be yourself".
Don't imitate, don't copy, don't try to be like "Your idol", just be Y.O.U

Now, blogging doesn't require any techniques at all.
Depends on the type of your blog. If you blog is a personal blog like mine then you shouldn't be worrying in a bit ! This is because you need not to care what others would think when you're about to post something on your blog as this blog is completely PERSONAL. You can do whatever you want, whatever you like. As long as you like it !

But .....
If your blog is an informative blog like this , try to make the templates more simple and convenient so easier your viewers in getting information and also to ensure them to view your blog for instant.
Do update vividly as the search ranking engine of your site can read and transfer you blog information to other sites.

Beginners Lessons :

Have a narrow focus: The quickest way to drive traffic to your blog is through excellent search engine rankings. If you blog about lots of unrelated topics, you won't rank well for any of your key terms. Even if you don't know much about ultimate blogging, you can still create a blog that will rank well in the search engines. Pick a narrow topic and keep your posts on topic. Choose a group of keywords relevant to your chosen topic and make sure you feature these terms prominently in your posts.

Build a base of content: Unless you already have a built-in audience, very few people are going to read your early blog posts because they will be extremely hard to find in either the blogosphere or the search engines. So, save your best content for when you've already developed a steady stream of web traffic. Blogging newspaper articles is a good way to build up relevant content quickly. All you need to do is subscribe to Google news alerts to get relevant articles featuring your top keywords. As your receive new articles, create a blog entry for each article, excerpt a relevant snippet (making sure to credit the source), and comment on the piece. This might not be interesting to your readers'but the objective here is to reach a point where you can start creating original, unique content that people will actually read because your blog can be easily found. For the more advanced beginners, adding an RSS feed that is focused on your targeted niche will also be of great value to your blog.

Try to make several posts each week. You'll be amazed how much content you can build up in a short period of time.

Monetize your blog (if appropriate): I placed a combination of contextual and affiliate advertising on my blog. The advertising revenue on my blog was poor given the amount of traffic I generated however, if you are blogging successfully in areas of business and technology, you could make a good deal of money from such advertising. Google AdSense is a ubiquitous way for bloggers to earn money from blogging. Once you've placed the AdSense javascript snippet in your blog source code, Google's contextual ad technology will automatically choose ads relevant to your blog content and when someone clicks on the ad, you get paid.

Until next time .. I'll post about the Advanced Techniques in the coming post !

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