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Post by pangjasmine on Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:49 am

Hello, I'm glad that I'm the first to share my blog link.
Actually, I was nominated and awarded as one of the top blogger in Borneo.
It is indeed a great achievement for me personally, as I'm a blogger from a "quite non-developed city" - Tawau.
Consequently, I am overwhelmed to blog more..
Thus, I invited lots of my friends to join blogging too:D

Here's "something" about how and when I start blogging =)
Actually, blogging is a trend. It's just like famous networking sites that you and I know such as : Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, Netlog, hi5 & etc ...
When people starts playing it then they'll send you invitation to join the server. And I did ! I joined blogger in August 2006 and I never know how to blog and what is blogging.
Until I came across few famous bloggers that actually laze at home as free lancer for few years and they seriously got paid for posting an entry on their blog! And it definitely inspired me to blog. So, I did and it wasn't a great start after all..
As time goes, people around me started to blog and the community gets larger and the people you know will gain. Then, your blog goes famous as you advertise it and people will start to know you.

So, why the subject of this post is just.MINE (serves at : Blogger) ?
The words in the brackets () indicates which blog hosts you actually served at.
Each blog hosts serves different style of templates and personal preference.
Nowadays, lots of blog hosts existed to support this popular investment for fellow bloggers.
To get yourself a blog, u can simply visit any one of these sites: www.wordpress.com, www.blog.com, www.livejournal.com, www.blogger.com, www.mindsay.com, www.diaryland.com, or www.blogdrive.com

Oh wells, enough of endless introduction of what blog is.
Let's just focus of what this section wants, YOUR BLOG LINKS !

[img]just.MINE (serves at : Blogger) Blogsn10[/img]
This is my blog's snapshot. [Preview only]

For clearer vision and idea, please pay a visit at
Do comment at chatbox (of you like) or you can comment at each different posts.
I'm open minded and you're always welcome to visit my blog at anytime, anywhere, anyway ! cheers

I hope fellow bloggers get a better idea of linking their sites!
ps : Always do a promotion for your blog. Good 1st impression convince people !

** More preferably state you blog site name and state which blog host you serves in bracket.

Thanks, and have a nice day !! Smile

[img]just.MINE (serves at : Blogger) 1blog_10[/img]

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